Located at one end of one of Cambridge’s most well know Georgian streets nestles this contemporary town house. It’s clean lines and render a contrast to old brick walls forming its courtyard.

The developers had left an awkward split level scheme reducing the useable outside space.

Our design looked to reunite the garden with the interior by lifting the courtyard level to inside floor level, massively increasing the terrace size. A concealed slot drainage system protected the interior from water ingress.

A smooth porcelain was chosen to contrast with the Georgian brick walls, which were painted white. A large brick raised bed from the previous design was utilised as a second raised terrace reinstating the split level interest, but this time perpendicular to the house.

Large CorTen planters, Corten wall panels and a wood burning stove added an industrial feel and a limited palette of Evergreen plants only flowering in white, gave the space a calming simplicity.