Located on the award winning Accordia development in Cambridge these town houses have a first floor roof terrace viewed from all bedrooms and a small light well courtyard central to main living space. The clients enjoy design and the external spaces needed to reflect their interior style.

Both the roof terrace and the light well, known as the Winter Garden had been laid entirely to softwood decking making both spaces flat and one dimensional.

The design solution for the roof terrace was to create a zoned ground pattern with the use of two materials. A seating and relaxing area was laid with a cream sandstone to match in size and colour with the internal tiles, these were laid on pedestals as a floating floor. The dynamic spaces were resurfaced in dark Ipe hardwood to create a dramatic contrast. The new layout was furnished with an external sofa and arm chairs with planting restricted to Box balls in tall limestone effect planters; the main focal point being a clipped cloud tree in a matching container.

The winter garden was paved in the same sandstone with the laying pattern matching the interior floor tiles. A large stainless steel water wall was installed to maximize light reflected to the main living space. The restricted planting of the roof terrace was relaxed in this area to allow seasonal planting to be included in the Limestone containers. The area was completed with a small dining table to match roof terrace furniture.

A subtle lighting scheme was included in all areas to bath containers, feature tree and water wall in soft white light. As a final touch the Winter Garden was fitted with an eco friendly heater to make it a truly year round space.

As a result of this design, Paul Dracott are recommended to all Accordia purchasers by the developer Redehams Homes.