The chance to work with a house like this an opportunity every landscape designer would jump at. This lead came through our sister company, The Living Room as they were contacted to carry out driveway works. They realised what an oportunity this was and the clients were put in touch.

The two bedroom house in a Modernist style was set in the centre of this medium sized plot. The south facing side was bounded buy a thatched cottage and the northerly side of the plot was dominated by a large walnut and several other mature trees. This meant the two sides of the garden had contrasting atmospheres and had to be treated differently.

The southerly elevation contained the main entrance to the house and had to be accessed easily from the parking area. This meant the main veiw from this path was directly towards the sunniest part of the garden where a terrace was proposed. The solution was to use offset sections of beech hedge and zigzag a path to break up the line and create privacy. The terrace was cut into a bank retained with gabion boxes filled with cobbles.

To the north and beneath the trees; a contemporary Japenes style area was created, utilising and exploiting the damp and shady feel. Ferns and evergreens were planted and boulder stepping stone path wound through ground cover of Leptinella (substituting for moss) to a cool and relaxing seating area.

The two areas flow seamlessly into one another, seating the building in the landscape and creating harmony with the differing aspects of the site.