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This summer has highlighted the diverse work of a garden designer in Cambridge.

The geographic location, nature of a country city and relative proximity to London, mean that potential projects range from tiny central city courtyards, new build medium gardens, roof terraces on the apartment blocks springing up in every brownfield site and occasional large country estates.

This summer has reflected exactly that. Within the space of a few months I have worked on all of the above!

Completing a tiny terraced house garden in Newnham, Cambridge, we moved to a new build in Cambourne building contemporary front and rear gardens. After dealing with numerous planning restrictions and issues (another skill required by a garden designer!) we completed this project moving to Canary Wharf to build a roof terrace for a penthouse overlooking the O2. Then back to Cambridge to complete the last phase of large country house garden in Bury St Edmunds.

And the cycle continues…. I am now designing a family garden for a village new build, a long terraced garden in central Cambridge….and so on!

But what type of project do I prefer?

The honest answer is, I enjoy working on all of them. This may seem like a pitch to secure work! But all projects large and small, cutting edge or traditional, have the same design challenges and the same satisfactions.

Whatever the project, taking something that’s out-dated, non existent or simply not very good and making it fabulous remains the main reason I enjoy working as a garden designer.

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