Small Contemporary Garden

Part of a new development in Cambridgeshire, these three storey townhouse feature a glass wall with bifold doors opening directly in their small gardens.


The proposed design was to be a party space, so needed to incorporate a large terrace for gatherings and built in seating.


A hardwood deck continued the flooring from inside and stepped down onto a gridwork of cream sandstone. A central rill and stainless steel waterwall acted as main focal points and the garden was framed with white rendered ‘L’ shaped benches.


The scheme was finished with six formal moveable containers, illuminated glass screens and led strip and uplights.


As the garden was overlooked black stemmed bamboo was planted around the rear of the garden to create privacy and simple foliage planting included to soften the hardlanscape.


This garden is featured on the cover of book 'Plans for Small Gardens' by Andrew Wilson.



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Paul is an experienced and widley respected garden designer based in Cambridge.


He has an extensive portfolio of gardens in a wide range styles and locations. Paul is a full member of The Society of Garden Designers.​

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