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A Small Minimalist Garden - Part Two​

As the paving and walling were completed then design details such as the lighting, aluminium raised beds water spouts and bespoke fencing could be installed.


Aluminium bottomless raised beds were manufactured by Win-born Products and secured in the planting areas. These were then filled and planted with three Amelanchier lamarkii. A slate mulch and a stainless steel uplighter completed each bed.


During the first phase of the build armoured cable and ducting for the lighting and water pumps was installed, equivalent to a ‘first fix’ on a house build. These feeds were connected to remote controlled switching unit and low voltage feeds taken to each light. The system was then connected to the house supply and checked and certified under Part P of Building Regulations.


A cedar batten fence was constructed on site to face the existing fence and all rendered walls painted in shades of grey.


Finally the garden was planted, the water commissioned and after five consecutive weeks on the site the garden was completed.


The completed photographs here and in the portfolio section belie the amount of skilled landscaping that went into the successful implementation of this scheme.

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

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